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Hello car owner. this for is mainly for owners of pending vehicle deliveries. if you have bought a car or still trying to buy a car from someone and there are still some proccessing going at the DMV head office. please use the bellow informations to check.


Be aware there are many of fraudulent car sellers out there, so if you are told that your car pappers are being proccesed at the DMV office, please verify via this website to see if that is true. simply enter your Full Names, E-Mail Address, Sellers Names and choose your Delivery Agency in the boxes provided bellow.


if you do not find any link to your informations, then it was all fraud, but if you have any status pending on your car. please we urge on you to comply with all neccessery pending details. it will be better if you have a talk with your delivery agents so that they tell you exactly what to do. because we only get direct confirmation from them.


Please After Clicking on the submit Button, Click on continue by the sight of the loading Bar. To proceed.

Email Address:
Sellers Names
Shipping Agency Car Vax Auto
Mobile Shippers
eBay Motors
Skynet Express
K-Lite Shippers
Other Shipping Agencies(If Not Found On The List Above)
Telephone Number


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